A little while ago I asked this question of my Facebook audience. It was interesting that people seemed to feel they were all not one.

Are your dreams things without substance like the foreground of the image? Are they concrete like the building in the background?
Or are they a combination of both?

As we step into another year, I like to take a little time to look at where my energy was in the year before. I noticed that  in 2017 sometimes I felt overwhelmed with 'so little time and so much to do' or that my ability to focus was on holiday on occasions.

Well, if you did the reflection last month and have worked through the ideas so far this month you are probably looking at what service to offer now. This is not only for beginners. I go through this process every year.

We are now stepping into a New Year and the energy will not only be fast, it will be purposeful for those who are aligned to its energy and their own. How can we align if we have no clear idea what the energy will bring? It's about being connected to self on deep levels.

Three years ago, Tony and I were living in Hong Kong. I looked out of the apartment office window one day and saw something that made me reach for my camera. I took this image because I could not believe my eyes!

Having faced our challenges, grabbed our opportunities and recognized our strengths where to now?

Knowing the difference between triumph and success how do you live triumphantly, not just successfully?

Is your life one of Triumph of Success?
Do you know the difference? 
Do you succeed without necessarily feeling a sense of achievement?

In this final piece around being Awake, Alert and Aware of your strengths and gifts, let's look at where it has taken us. Hopefully you are now much clearer about what you have to offer to others - and yourself. Once identified and understood then living your purpose takes two things.