Are you Alert to what upsets your?
Is your personality Awake to all that your Soul offers? 
Will you choose to be Aware on all levels of the guidance being offered?

Is your Fire glowing strongly?
Do you feel your connection to Aether?
Are the two operating in tandem?

For the past few weeks we have been using both Fire and Aether.

Following the theme of energy and co creation, the Solstice is an important time no matter if it is the summer or the winter. Both of these times the spiritual energy is strong - and both offer opportunities to work with the element of aether.

Last week we spoke about Aether and self acceptance. One of the sweetest ways to do this for self and others is to use the energy of the Pink Bubbles, which we discussed in our Facebook Live too.

What is Aether? What's its purpose? And why is it spelled this way?

To answer the last question first, this is the way the alchemists spelled it and it actually defines and distinguishes it from ether the sedative.

What if you don't resonate to Fire and Air? After all, these are often considered masculine energies. In truth, they are simply more active.

If you joined us for the Facebook live last week then you will already have some idea of the elements and how important they are. Is this just interesting information or can we use this to grow and work more effectively? 


Without the sun there is no life.
Without wind there is no change.
Without water there is no flow.
Without Earth there is no foundation.

However, without Aether there is no Spirit.

Here are my top 5 qualities for being a great mentor to others.