What if you don't resonate to Fire and Air? After all, these are often considered masculine energies. In truth, they are simply more active.

If you joined us for the Facebook live last week then you will already have some idea of the elements and how important they are. Is this just interesting information or can we use this to grow and work more effectively? 


Without the sun there is no life.
Without wind there is no change.
Without water there is no flow.
Without Earth there is no foundation.

However, without Aether there is no Spirit.

Here are my top 5 qualities for being a great mentor to others.

Do you feel your intuition is leading you down the garden path?
Are you wrong more often than you are right when following it?
Why does it lead to unhappy endings?

Why are you?
Are you grounded or restless?
Do you go with the flow or follow your passion?
Is Spirit guiding your steps?

If you feel that your faults are something to ignore or hide then you are missing out on one of the best tools you have for personal growth.

Why is that? Why do we strive to be perfect?Why do we feel less when we make a mistake? Why did our Soul allow this?

In August last year I wrote about living in a house of doubt.  If you missed it you can access by clicking the link.

In doing the last few Facebook lives people have asked one question more than another. How do I develop an intuitive business?

So far we have explored what each of these are and their potential values. How does that work if you are not sure where you fit within them? What if you feel that you are none of them, neither beach, forest or mountain.