Some years ago I came across an article that made me think. It's called the Green Thing and if you haven't come across it yet I recommend you look it up.

Do you like being someone different?
Is playing a role more exciting than being you?
Are you happy as you are or do you need the approval of others?

This image was taken in our garden in Australia a few years ago. It shows a joey (baby wallaby), having popped out of the pouch to explore, trying to get back in for fear of its surroundings.

Are you uncertain of your direction?
Do you hesitate to make choices for fear of making a mistake?
When does getting it right mean you never step forward?

Just like this image of a logjam, when we keep ourselves small, we become stuck and constricted.

Last week we asked where your centre is and how to tell what you were choosing.

Do you feel centred and grounded in yourself?
Are you focussed on others and their needs?
Are you centred in your heart and your Higher Self?

The past two weeks have been about Air and how we can connect with the elementals to assist our thoughts and ideas. We offered a meditation in 2 parts because often the mind will distract us with criticism of something so that we do not go deeper. Music or no music is a good example.

We have created a challenge for the Equinox and a new meditation for the Harmony 21 group.

Are you good at observing yourself?
Do you criticize instead?
Are you easily distracted?

This week, on our Facebook page, we offered a meditation without background music for your use. Some people enjoyed the music last month and found it helpful. I decided to try an experiment this month.